Types of Foods to Safely Store in Insulated Food Canisters

Whether you are packing food for your kids' lunch or you like to take your food to work, an insulated food canister is a must-have. This food storage solution makes it easier to pack your food on the go, especially if you want to make healthier choices or save money. In addition, the practicality of stainless steel food solutions and food storage containers are ideal for packing a snack or lunch.

But have you wondered what types of food you can safely store in an insulated food container?

What Are Insulated Food Canisters?

An insulated food canister is made with a stainless steel base and a food-grade silicone lid. It is leakproof and durable so that you can take it with you on the go, whether you are packing for a school or work lunch or traveling.

An insulated food canister is the best alternative to traditional plastic food containers. It is dishwasher-safe and can keep the food warm or cold for hours.

Best Foods to Pack in Insulated Food Containers

What foods are safe to pack in an insulated canister or container? These are some ideas to consider the next time you pack your lunch or snack.


Whether you like a salad for lunch or a healthy snack, a thermal lunch box is ideal for storing your salad. First, put all ingredients into the canister and the salad dressing in a separate container. Then, when you arrive at your destination, open the canister and mix in the dressing, so your salad is ready for consumption.

Buddha Bowls

A buddha bowl is a delicious yet equally healthy alternative to a salad. It is the perfect dish to pack in an insulated food container since you can add seasonal vegetables and fruit. Drizzle the dressing on top upon serving. It is an easy-to-pack meal that you can enjoy on the go.


A healthy wrap or sandwich is another excellent food to pack in your insulated container. They also make the ideal choice when traveling because they can be eaten without utensils. 

foods are safe to pack in an insulated canister


Don't be afraid to pack soups for snacks or lunch. Soup offers a hearty meal for your kids or those working. In addition, you can use your leakproof food container to ensure that your soup remains intact and warm for you to enjoy when your meal time comes.

Oats/Smoothie Bowls

You will need an insulated food canister if you love to eat or snack on smoothies or oat bowls. It helps to ensure that your food will not leak in your bag or during travel. At the same time, you can enjoy your meal at the ideal temperature. 

Other Foods to Pack in an Insulated Food Canister

Here are a few more ideas of food that you can pack in your stainless steel food storage container:

  • Pasta or noodles
  • Stir fry dishes
  • Fried rice
  • Chicken

If you are packing hot foods in an insulated container, pre-warm the container as it helps maintain the food temperature. Also, your food must be preheated before placing it into the container. 

Finally, make sure you choose the right size of container for the food. An appropriately sized food container ensures that the food won't leak and will retain its ideal temperature.