We're BPA & Lead Free

We said no years ago.

Klean Does Not Use Lead in Its Manufacturing Process.

To us it's all about Good People, Planet & Product.

Have you been misLEAD?

In a world where transparency is crucial as we've seen in recent weeks, Klean Kanteen stands proud as a beacon of commitment to health and sustainability since day one.

Many many years ago we made the responsible and pivotal decision to completely forego the use of lead in our manufacturing processes. We've embraced lead-free solder in all insulated products, ensuring that every sip you take from our containers is not only refreshing but also free from harmful substances. This choice reflects our dedication to your well-being and the planet's, highlighting a path of integrity we've unwaveringly followed.

The Process

At Klean Kanteen, we believe that safety should not come at an extra cost to our customers. The decision to use lead-free solder—despite it being 6-7 times more expensive than its harmful counterpart—underscores our commitment to quality over profit. This investment in your health and environmental sustainability is a testament to our core values. We conduct rigorous annual testing through accredited laboratories to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards, ensuring that you can trust every Klean Kanteen product to be completely lead-free.

It's time to

Think Klean.