Custom Printing Capabilities

Klean Kanteen offers a full line of products and a range of print capabilities to help your vision become a reality. Learn about the process that works best for your artwork and project.

Screen Printing

Your artwork can be placed on the front and back or wrap all the way around the Kanteen. Screen printing yields stunning results for one and two color artwork and makes the most use of available print space with nearly full wrap capability.

Artwork: Works best with one- or two-color artwork where tight registration is not needed. Additional colors are available. A vertical break of 8mm is needed in all artwork.

Colors: Brushed Stainless (no paint), select stock colors, approved Klean Coat Colors. Custom bottle colors are available at higher quantities. 

Lead Time:
2–3 Weeks - Brushed Stainless and select stock colors (printed in the US). 15–17 Weeks - approved Klean Coat colors (printed overseas)

Screen Printing

Pad Printing

Our pad printing process is best for detailed logos or artwork that requires tight registration. Pad printing is done in a square print area on each side and up to five colors on each side.

Artwork: Up to five colors per side

Print Space:
Bottles: 65mm x 65mm max front and back. May vary by product style and design.
16oz/20oz Pints & Tumblers: 65mm x 65mm front and back
10oz Cup: 55mm x 55mm front, 45mm x 45mm back
8oz Tumbler: 45mm x 45mm front, 20mm x 45mm back

Colors: Brushed Stainless (no paint), select stock colors. Approved Klean Coat colors. Custom bottle colors are available at higher quantities. 

Lead Time: Brushed stainless and select stock colors - 2–3 weeks (US)

Pad Printing

Laser Marking

A beautiful and durable marking method, laser marking will last a lifetime. Klean Kanteen offers three types of laser marking, done both here in the United States and overseas:

  • Laser engraving - laser is burned into the bamboo cap to create an engraved image.
  • Laser annealing - a permanent laser mark on the surface (U.S.)
  • Laser paint removal (U.S.)